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Special projects

Special Projects

Seawings has the know-how when it comes to handling special projects. We have been (and are!) handling some exciting projects, such as:

Transport of a fuel tank to the Fisherman's Wharf, 2017

A new fuel tank for the Fisherman's Wharf came to Curacao in June 2017. Seawings assisted in the custom clearance and transport to the fuel station.

Handling and transport of all the materials for the Tulapier, 2017

All materials for the Tulapier are arriving in 2017 in order to construct the second megapier for cruiseships. Seawings is the handling and coordinating party for this.

Handling and transport of all the materials for the RIMA terminal in Curacao, 2016

This project consisted of handling and transporting all materials for the construction of a new terminal for the Dutch navy on Curacao. The whole project involved around 2500 tons of break bulk cargo in various forms. Transportation to job site was done via road and water.

Transport and storage of a Wartsila ships' engine block, December 2015

This project included the receiving and storage of a Wartsila ships' engine block of 85 tons. It was handled at the dry dock in Curacao. The engine block was imported from Finland to be placed on a container ship that had engine problems.

Transport of 4 Wartsila generators from Curacao port to Aquaelectra, 2014 - 2015

This project included the transport of all the materials for a new plant. We assisted in delivering all materials, which involved out of gauge cargo, break-bulk cargo and cargo in containers.

Special charter for repair of the catcracker for the refinery on Curacao, April 2013

A special charter was flown in from the US for the repair of a catcracker that broke down at the refinery in Curacao

Upgrade of the water plant at Fuikbaai, 2012

This project included the transport of two water tanks via open water from the main port to Fuikbay. This was never done before so we had a scoop!

Upgrade of the installation at Bullenbaai, 2012

This project consisted of road transport with out-of-gauge equipment. Coordination and good teamwork made this a success!

Transport of a helicopter from Curacao to Italy for repair and vice versa, 2012

The helicopter belonged to the coastguard and was sent to Italy for repair. A full project from Hato airport to factory in Milan, Italy.  When the helicopter was repaired it was shipped back to Curacao and transported via road. Road adjustments had to be made as the helicopter (including flat rack) was very high.

Two new helicopters for the coastguard in Curacao, 2012

Two new helicopters were sent to the coastguard in Curacao. Seawings coordinated the local transport and made the necessary road adjustments.

Reconstruction of the new airport of Curacao. Project of Curacao Airport Partners, 2006

The project included the transport of 3 new passenger bridges needed for the new airport of Curacao

FOL (FORWARD OPERATION LOCATION): Airstrip of the U.S. Navy. 2002 - 2004

This site was built by Phil/colas and involved air and sea freight. The heaviest piece in this project was around 75000 kg (75 tons). Total investment: around USD 55 million.

Alstom project. This was a project of Aqualectra N.V. 2002 - 2003

Alstom signed a 25 million dollar contract to upgrade the power transmission network on the Caribbean island of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles. The contract is with Aqualectra Curacao N.A., the island's water and electricity utility. A total of 8 new generator sets have been placed on the island with an estimated weight of 85 tons each. Cargo flow was sea- and airfreight.

Ionics/Aquadesign. This was a project of Aquaelectra N.V 2002 - 2003

For this project we assisted in the construction and renovation of the existing plant of a water distillation site. Cargo came in per air and sea freight.

MAN/BWSC. This was a project of Aqualectra N.V. 2002 - 2003

This involved the construction of a 33mw power plant on the ISLA-site. The project consisted of 4 pieces of around 160 tons which were moved during the course of one week. The rest of the cargo came in as break-bulk in containers and per airfreight

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