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Seawings Mailbox Services - SMS: join the 21st century and get your own U.S. mailbox!  

Shop in the USA and get your packages shipped straight to Curacao at an economical price!

Seawings Mailbox Services - SMS makes shopping worldwide very easy for you!
We set you up with a mailbox in Miami and ship your packages to Curacao on a weekly basis.

Use your mailbox address as your USA mailing address while shopping online, from catalogs, or by phone. All you have to do is send us your tracking number and the invoice so we can do the customs handling. Invoice & tracking number are usually sent to your e-mail address after you finished your purchase. Please also send us your crib number (click here for more information about your crib number). We will contact you when your package is ready for pick up so you can pay the freight, duties & taxes (if applicable).

Visit the SMS-website for more information and to register: