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Live Animal Transport

Important information when shipping live animals

It is very important that you choose the correct size of kennel. It must be large enough for the animal to stand and sit straight, to comfortably turn around and to lie down in a natural position. For ultimate protection and the well-being of your pet is essential not to choose a kennel that is too large. The diagram below shows the dimensions that you should take into account when selecting a kennel.

Regarding dogs:

   - Measure tip of nose to the root of the dog's tail.
    (Do not include the tail).

  - Measure from the ground to the top of the dog's head, with the dog in a standing position. 

  - Measure the width across the dog's shoulders.


Once more we want to emphasize it is very important that you correctly measure the dimension of your dog. Our handling staff will check whether your purchased the right kennel when delivering your dog at the airport. If the kennel is too small the handling agent will not accept the pet for transportation.

Very important information about snub-nosed dogs

For snub-nosed dogs we advise you to purchase a kennel 1 size larger than normally required. This is because these dogs are susceptible to increased risk of breathing problems when exposed to stress. Traveling in a larger kennel provides the dogs more oxygen and reduces the risk of breathing problems. Read more about snub-nosed dogs and potential travel risks here.

Depending on the regulations of the destination country, a full-grown cat or dog should travel alone in a kennel. Kittens and puppies are an exception and may be allowed to travel together. Note: this depends on the regulations of the country of destination.

If you want to ship your cat you are advised to purchase a type A kennel (see overview).

Pre-conditions and documentations

The shipper remains responsible for the required documentation and, if applicable, the necessary arrangements like an import permit or a quarantine reservation at all time. Only cats and dogs of 10 weeks or older are eligible to travel with Insel Air Cargo. Furthermore, your pet requires specific documentation which must include at least a valid health certificate signed by a qualified veterinarian, and valid rabies inoculation certificate.