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Port concession CPA/CPS for 20 years


WILLEMSTAD – After years of negotiations between the public company Curaçao Ports Authorities (CPA) and Curaçao Ports Services (CPS), last week the parties finally signed the new port concession.
According to the Minister of Economic Development, Eugene Rhuggenaath, this concession contains various new agreements that will be beneficial for Curaçao’s port.

The new contract eliminates the CPS’ monopoly in the harbor and has a duration of 20 years, including the period to order the harbor cranes. CPS will also invest 50 million in two harbor cranes and the infrastructure.

Minister Rhuggenaath emphasized the importance of the container terminal for the island and how essential it is for Curaçao to continue investing in its maritime infrastructure. This is how Curaçao will maintain its competitive position in the region, said the Minister.

Source: Curacao Chronicle

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