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Damen Plans To Invest 40 Million Dollars In Curaçao Dry Dock


WILLEMSTAD - Damen Shipyard, a Dutch company that recently took over the operations of the Curaçao Dry Dock, plans to initially invest 40 million dollars in the company, with the possibility of an additional 20 million dollars.

This is part of Damen’s plan to optimize the operations of the company and to offer better service to its clients. This is according to the Director of the dock company, Jaap de Lange.

De Lange indicated that Dames is currently preparing and investment schedule with calculations of each investment and where these will be allocated. But the initial 40 million will not be enough but will serve as a basis to offer clients a reliable service. The rest of the investments will come from profits.

According to De Lange, Dames is very much satisfied with what it has at the Curaçao dock but they do know that they still have ways to go before the company can be at its best. The most important aspect is that a company like this does not have the political influence anymore. De Lange does understand that in the past the government had to take over because of poor management. Nonetheless, Damen included local high officials in the supervisory board. Currently, the board consists of four Dutch European and four locals. The knowledge that the locals can offer is extremely valuable.

Source: Curacao Chronicle

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